ASC’s Education Provider Directory is an online resource of approved Arts, Science, History, and Heritage educational Providers.  All programs are meant to align the cultural community's resources with the Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards.

Schools utilizing ASC Education School Grants Program funds can only use individuals, groups, and organizations listed within this directory for their grant funded programs.

Once you enter your search criteria and click the orange "Search" button, be sure to scroll down to see your results. You can then click on any of the results to get more information on that Program or Provider.


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PLEASE NOTE: A Provider's acceptance to ASC's Education Provider Directory is not a guarantee of employment nor does the Arts & Science Council (ASC) act as an agent on behalf of Providers. Schools or organizations wishing to hire Providers select and contact Providers on their own based on information provided in the directory.  Only if using ASC Education School Grants Program funds does a School need to notify ASC of its intention to hire a Provider.  In addition, every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in ASC's Education Provider Directory; however, the descriptions presented are written by the Provider, who is responsible for presenting the program(s) as submitted. Providers are solely responsible, financially, criminally and civilly, for any applicable screening or background check requirements requested by the School and/or Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. ASC is not responsible, financially, criminally and civilly, for any such screening or background check. Providers are also responsible for complying with all school policies, procedures and guidelines, as directed by the School and/or Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. When booking programs from this directory, both Providers and Schools agree to indemnify and hold ASC and its employees harmless against all claims, losses, expenses, and injuries to persons or property resulting in any way from any act, omission or negligence on the part of the Provider or School in the performance of or failure to perform/execute the programs listed herein.


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