Bonita Somers

Bonita Somers

Bonita Somers is an artist, art instructor, author, and illustrator.   She has over 30 years of Arts and Crafts experience including teaching art in both the public and private arenas, design work,  illustration,  purchasing, and management.

While teaching art in the public school setting,

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Ms. B's Art on a Cart, Author and Illustrator Visit


Program description

The goal of Ms. B’s presentation/residency is to advance students to the point that they are reading to learn not just learning to read.

Ms. B is a former public art school teacher who is also the author and illustrator for the Ms. B’s Art on a Cart Series. Ms. B takes every opportunity to integrate reading, art, and language arts in a learning environment that is fun and engaging. Students will


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Program Detail

Program type: Assembly/Performance, Residency
Artistic Discipline: Literary Arts, Multi-discipline, Visual Arts
Cultural Origin: Multicultural
Subject: Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies / History, Visual Arts
Population served: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5
Bilingual: No
Available dates:


Length of program: 45-75 minutes
Space / technical requirements:

HDMI compatible projector OR smartboard

I can also use your computer and projector with a USB port for a thumb drive.


Mecklenburg or Union County

Fees / Ticketing:

$350 for one presentation, $50 each for additional presentations on the same day up to 3/day (back to back).

$900 for a 3 day residency  (up to 3 sessions per day)


NC Standard Course of Study:

Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases by using context clues, analyzing meaningful word parts, and consulting general and specialized reference materials as needed. Specifically,students will learn art related multiple meaning terms. A glossary including visual representations is included in the back of all of Ms. B’s books. Students are taught and empowered to use this tool as necessary.

Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development, summarizing the key supporting details and ideas. The central theme of all Ms’ B’s books are elementary aged life lessons.

Analyze the structure of the text and how they relate to each other and the whole. Rhyme schemes (if age appropriate), emphasis, and the purpose of rhyming will be explored.

Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the content and styles of a text. Students will explore how the poem is written in the point of view of a student reflecting on what he learned from Ms. B and her Art on a Cart.

NC Essential Standards:

From the North Carolina Essential Standards K-8 Visual Arts
CX.1 Contextual Relevancy Understand the global, historical, societal, and cultural contexts of the visual arts. Students will specifically learn about the history, origin, and/or modern day applications of the chosen art medium.

V.1 Visual Literacy Use the language of visual arts to communicate effectively. Students will expand their existing knowledge of the art elements and principles by applying it to mediums and content that they have not yet explored.

CX.2 Contextual Relevancy Understand the interdisciplinary connections and life applications of the visual arts. Students will make historical, geographical, and literacy connections with the authors, artists, and mediums that are discussed.

Supporting Materials

Ms. B's Story Organizer (For The Great Chance to enhance Presentation)


Art Critique Form (For The Unique Critique Presentation)


The Chicken Soup Group Lesson Plan


Something From Nothing Lesson Plan



  • Bascomb Elementary

Cancellation Policy

Will reschedule with a minimum of 14 days notice.
Cancellation Fee within 13 days is the full contract price.