Opera Carolina

Opera Carolina

Opera Carolina, the region’s largest professional opera company, has been providing area students, teachers, and families with not only first-rate performances, but also a wonderful vehicle into their classroom curriculum through its educational programs.  Since 1971, Opera Carolina has been

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Opera on Demand


Program description

Opera on Demand is a tailored opportunity for arts emmersion in any classroom. Residencies offerred explore curriculum needs of any classroom and educator. Exploration of musical ensembles, musical concepts, and exploration of enhancing core subject needs using music and art forms as the vehicle to present any curricular subject.

Booking / scheduling contact

Program Detail

Program type: Workshop
Artistic Discipline: Literary Arts, Music, Storytelling, Theater
Subject: Engineering, English, Language Arts, Literacy, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies / History, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts
Bilingual: No
Available dates:

August 27, 2018- April 30, 2019

Available times:

School hours

Length of program: 90 min class sessions

Held in your classroom

Fees / Ticketing:

$100 per school visit (up to 2 90-minute periods)

$250 for 3 school visits (up to 2 90-minute periods per visit)

$50 for any additional class period


Cancellation Policy

1/3 of booking fee