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Piedmont Music Therapy

Piedmont Music Therapy

Piedmont Music Therapy is a private practice established to support individuals’ health and wellness through music therapy and music in Greater Charlotte – we connect, play & grow. A team of board certified music therapists with a combined total of over 42 years of clinical training working with

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Music Making Group: Exceptional Children


Program Description

Piedmont Music Therapy (PMT) is staffed by board certified music therapists who received a college degree in music therapy and following a clinical internship passed a national board certification exam. Their training included working with children and youth with varying abilities and providing a success oriented experience for them to be included in an academic setting.

 Goals such as


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Booking / scheduling contact

Program Detail

Program type: Residency, Virtual/Online Program
Artistic Discipline: Dance, Multi-discipline, Multi-media, Music, Storytelling
Cultural Origin: Multicultural
Subject: English, History, Language Arts, Literacy, Math, Music, Social Studies / History
Population Served Grade 1, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Kindergarten, Pre-K
Bilingual: No
Available dates:

Flexible, contact PMT to pair staff availability.

Available times:

45 minutes/group to be scheduled with ten consecutive weeks – during school hours or after school Monday – Friday. Limited Saturday schedule availbility.

Length of :Program 45 minutes
Space / technical requirements:

Class room with electrical access, air conditioning/heat and WIFI connectivity.


At school site, PMT travels to provide mobile services. Virtual if mandated by NC Governor. Student will need WIFI access to connect to the virtual platform (GoogleMeet). No cost for them to download. School can also share the platform that PMT Staff will use.

Fees / Ticketing:

$200/event x 10 = $2000



NC Standard Course of Study:

Reading: R7: Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words (in our case reviewing song lyrics and connecting the emotions and activities incorporated). Reading: R2: Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development; summarize the key supporting details and ideas (in our case determining the content of musical songs and connecting to summer camp themes). Language: 

L2: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing (in our case recognizing correct punctuation and capitalization for song writing activities).

NC Essential Standards:

EI.SE.2 Understand the relationship between self and others in the broader world (in our case making music together and connecting lyrics in songs). ML.3 Create music using a variety of sound and notational sources (in our case recreating music with various instruments and genres). ML.2 Interpret the sound and symbol systems of music (in our case through live and prerecorded music, variety of music notations).


Conducts educational programming for 2 or more years: Yes
Performs criminal background checks on staff with youth contact: Yes
Maintains general liability insurance (Individuals and organizations listed in this Directory can provide proof of insurance upon request. ASC does not hold copies of current documentation for providers): Yes
Three letters of recommendation / references available: Yes
Provides study guides for teachers and or students: Yes
Connects to State and or Common Core Curriculum Standards: Yes
Provides tools to assess student learning (workshops and residencies): Yes
Conducts ongoing assessments of program quality: Yes


Katie Goodwin, Preschool Director
St Johns United Methodist Church – Rock Hill
Amy Firth, Program Director & Admissions
Philips Academy-Charlotte, NC
Meg S. Johnson, MM, MT-BC
Music Therapy Program and Clinical Coordinator
Senior Instructor of Music Therapy
Queens University of Charlotte

Cancellation Policy

The dates will be scheduled around known holidays and school/organization breaks. If a group meeting needs rescheduled then please provide PMT with advanced notice. Rescheduling may not be possible.

If a group is cancelled without make-up then 50% of the event cost is still due to PMT. If PMT Staff is ill then arrangements will be made to hopefully provide coverage by another PMT Staff Member. If not, then club will have a make-up date.

Failure to give 24-hour notice as outlined above will result in a “No Show” fee being added to your account. Additionally please understand that the club ends as originally scheduled. Your instructor will wait at least ten minutes after the scheduled group time, before declaring the meeting a “no show.”