Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville

Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville

Discovery Place Kids is an innovative model in regional children’s museums developed by Discovery Place. Discovery Place Kids is built on the theme of “I CAN” and offers unique opportunities for learning through play for young children and their parents or caregivers. Discovery Place Kids has locations in Huntersville and Rockingham, NC.


  105 Gilead Road, Huntersville, NC 28078


704.372.6261 x300



Program description

What do our senses do? We will learn about each of our five senses and how they interact with each other through fun games and activities.

Booking / scheduling contact

Lydia Evans


Program detail
Artistic discipline: Multi-discipline
Cultural Origin: Other
Program type: Day Trip
Population served: Kindergarten, Pre-K
Subject: Other, Science
Bilingual: No
Available dates:

Tuesday – Friday

Available times:

Times are customizable.

Length of program: 50 minutes

Discovery Place Kids – Huntersville

105 Gilead Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Fees / Ticketing:

School group field trips are $6 per student and include full-day Museum admission. Add a class for $6 more. 1 chaperone per 5 students is required and admitted free.


NC Standard Course of Study:

R1- Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text (in our case follow written instructions to complete activities and experiments and make conclusions).

R7 -Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words (in our case participate in hands-on activities and experiments that result in observations and conclusions).

R10 -Read and understand complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently, connecting prior knowledge and experiences to text (in our case science and technical writing).

SL1 – Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively (in our case working in groups, sharing ideas and communicating ideas and findings with others).

SL2 – Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally (in our case participation in labs and programs where ideas and questions are presented using various media).

SL4 – Present information, findings, and supporting evidence such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience (in our case working in groups, sharing ideas and communicating ideas and findings with others).

NC Essential Standards:

K.P.2.1 Classify objects by observable physical properties (including size, color, shape, texture, weight and flexibility).

This program will help students prepare for Grade K.

  • Goal CD-14: Children observe and describe characteristics of living things and the physical world.
  • Goal CD-15: Children explore the natural world by observing, manipulating objects, asking questions, making predictions, and developing
  • Goal APL-1: Children show curiosity and express interest in the world around them.
  • Goal APL-2: Children actively seek to understand the world around them.
  • Goal APL-3: Children engage in increasingly complex play.
  • Goal APL-4: Children demonstrate creativity, imagination, and inventiveness.
  • Goal APL-5: Children are willing to try new and challenging experiences .
  • Goal APL-6: Children use a variety of strategies to solve problems.
  • Goal APL-7: Children demonstrate initiative.
  • Goal APL-8: Children maintain attentiveness and focus.
  • Goal APL-9: Children persist at challenging activities.
  • Goal LDC-1: Children understand communications from others.
  • Goal LDC-2: Children participate in conversations with peers and adults in one-on-one, small, and larger group interactions.
  • Goal LDC-3: Children ask and answer questions in order to seek help, get information, or clarify something that is not understood.
  • Goal LDC-4: Children speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly
  • Goal CD-1: Children use their senses to construct knowledge about the world around them.
  • Goal CD-2: Children recall information and use it for new situations and problems.
  • Goal CD-3: Children demonstrate the ability to think about their own thinking: reasoning, taking perspectives, and making decisions.



Conducts educational programming for 2 or more years: Yes
Performs criminal background checks on staff with youth contact: Yes
Maintains general liability insurance (Individuals and organizations listed in this Directory can provide proof of insurance upon request. ASC does not hold copies of current documentation for providers): Yes
Connects to State and or Common Core Curriculum Standards: Yes
Provides tools to assess student learning (workshops and residencies): Yes
Provides scholarship and reduced fees: Yes
Conducts ongoing assessments of program quality: Yes
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notice of three weeks is required for a full refund. Cancellations with less than three weeks’ notice are non-refundable but may be rescheduled for a visit within a 12-month period. There is no fee for rescheduling as long as the class or visit is rescheduled within one week of the cancellation date and the visit is completed within the 12 months of the originally scheduled date. Changes to the number of attendees must be made three days prior to the program or visit to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued the day of the visit, and no refunds will be issued for amounts of $10.00 or less.