Farmer Jason

Farmer Jason

Farmer Jason offers educational concerts at schools and libraries on themes of ecology, farming and farm animals, the diversity and beauty of the forest, outdoor life and exercise, and history. His songs, with their stick-in-your-head hooks, teach subtle lessons while successfully introducing children to a surprisingly complex musical ecosystem.

Farmer Jason’s performances include original songs introduced with educational segments approrpriate for preschool through elementary up to 5th grade.  Students will learn about the animals and plants in the forest and farm, and the effects of our actions on the envirnoment around us all, in an atmosphere encouraging a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about nature.

Farmer Jason’s songs are rich in new language and concepts for all levels.  From rhyming words and opposities to new words and concepts such as infinity and ode, teachers have numerous opportunities to explore language through Farmer Jason music. For older students, Farmer Jason offers workshops on lyrical language development through the basics of songwritting (scheduled with performances).  All ages of students enjoy the musical blends in Farmer Jason’s lively and interactive music reflecting different styles of popular music including rock, punk, country, folk and jazz.

“Farmer Jason’s latest work flows out of his love of the natural world and his respect for the environment. Farmer Jason harnesses children’s natural love of music, song and animals to encourage children to get in touch with nature. He uses developmentally appropriate lyrics to lead children to appreciate all living things, from 100 year old trees to wonderful forest creatures.” ~ Chari A. Campbell, Ph.D Counselor Education, Co-author of “National Standards for School Counseling” and former editor of “Elementary School Guidance and Counseling”

From “Common Sense Media” Review:

Educational Value: Lots of learning about various instruments, animals and things in nature (buffalo vs. bison, glaciers, spelunking, etc); different types of music and cultures, and even some counting and letter sounds. (Rating 5/5)

Positive messages: Tells kids to get out in nature and explore because there are so many things to do, see and learn. (Rating 5/5)

Positve role models: Farmer Jason shows kids how much fun nature can be, and how to be genuinely excited about new things and experiences. (Rating 5/5)


2012 Creative Child magazine’s MEDIA OF THE YEAR award (“Nature Jams” CD)

2012 Parents’ Choice Award (“Nature Jams” CD)

2010 EMMY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Children’s Program Mid-South Region

2009 EMMY AWARD for Best Children’s Program Mid-South Region


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  16 Santo Lane, c/o Loyd Artists, Au Sable Forks, NY 12912



Nature Jams and Farm and Forest

Program description

NATURE JAMS! is the highly interactive elementary school concert inspiring kids to appreciate and actively enjoy the wonders of nature. Performed by Emmy Award winning family music star Farmer Jason the NATURE JAMS! school show features songs from his internationally acclaimed cds. Farmer Jason will take the children on a musical journey through the forests and wetlands of our diverse American natural heritage. Through rockin’ songs such as “Ode to a Toad”, “Forest Rhymes”, “Take a Hike”, and “Bayou Boogie” the kids will be entertained, educated, and inspired to experience the wonders of the great outdoors. (Grades 3-6 but the show can be adapted to K-6 if needed.??

FARM AND FOREST is the K-2 school show starring Emmy Award winning family music star Farmer Jason. This show features Farmer Jason singing songs about farm life and animals from our lovely American farms and forests. The show is highly interactive, encouraging the kids to get physically and mentally involved in their outdoor world. Farmer Jason introduces each song with a short fun lesson about the song’s subject. With catchy internationally acclaimed songs like "The Tractor Goes Chug Chug Chug", "Punk Rock Skunk", and "Guitar Pickin’ Chicken" the kids will have so much fun they may not realize they are receiving some important education! (grades K-2)

Booking / scheduling contact

Loyd Artists, Susan Lounsbury

   518-647-5916 (SL)

Program detail
Artistic discipline: Music
Cultural Origin: American
Program type: Out-of-School-Time
Population served: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Kindergarten, Pre-K
Subject: Literacy, Music, Science, Social Studies / History
Bilingual: No
Available dates:

Year – round

Available times:


Length of program: 45 - 50 minutes
Space / technical requirements:

Farmer Jason will provide all sound for schools; access to electrical outlet; at least 12’ X 12’ space


In school or theater; artist can provide sound

Fees / Ticketing:

$600 per performance when in area; $500 per performance for multiple performances, same day, same site; Workshop with performance $250; Call to discuss family community program


NC Standard Course of Study:

Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes). Recognize and produce rhyming words. Recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question. Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering appropriate elaboration and detail.

NC Essential Standards:

Understand characteristics of various environments and behaviors of humans that enable plants and animals to survive. Understand animal life cycles and their needs for life and growth. Understand the use of fossils and changes in the surface of the earth as evidence of the history of Earth and its changing life forms.