Bonita Somers

Bonita Somers

Bonita Somers is an artist, art instructor, author, and illustrator.   She has over 30 years of Arts and Crafts experience including teaching art in both the public and private arenas, design work,  illustration,  purchasing, and management.

While teaching art in the public school setting, Bonita (Ms. B) did not have a classroom but did have a very large cart that she wheeled from classroom to classroom. The experiences she had during this time prompted her to write her first book in the Ms. B’s Art on a Cart series: Something From Nothing. The Great Chance To Enhance; The Chicken Soup Group, and The Unique Critique shortly followed.

Ms. B is available for school and classroom assemblies or customized residency programs. Her unique approach to engaging children includes dressing in character and interactive activities. Children of all learning styles will love the enthusiastic reading, colorful illustrations, and kinesthetic activities. Students will make art and historical connections, increase literacy, increase vocabulary, and learn a very valuable age appropriate life lesson along the way.


  4432 Stryker Drive, Matthews, NC 28104